Sunday, October 9, 2011

A While Back...

So I'm lazy when it comes to uploading photos to my computer.  Really lazy.  And on top of that, I haven't had a spare minute to get anything posted on here, what with school/homework/work/I don't even know what else. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry for leaving this blog page a desolate wasteland of nothingness for so long.  But I have a ton of stuff I have been meaning to post...and here it all is in one giant clump!
It started feeling like fall recently here in Boulder.  Fall is by far my 
favorite season.  Everything about it is wonderful--the crunch of yellow and orange leaves under your feet, cardigans, rosy cheeks, and that feeling of newness in the air (am I the only one who experiences this?  I don't know if it's the beginning of classes, the change in temperature that allows you to actually venture outside of your air conditioned house, or what, but it seems like there is always this feeling of a fresh start in the air).  The other thing I always get excited about in the fall is drinking tea to warm up, and on the first grayish, coldish day here, I jumped on making a nice pot of tea.  But something was missing--a delicious baked confection to enjoy with my hot tea perhaps?  It had to be scones. Maple-Oatmeal scones! They were the perfect addition to tea on a cold day--I enjoyed them with a big fleece blanket and a few episodes of Arrested Development.  
Later that weekend, I went to the Firefly Handmade craft fair, where I became inspired to quit school immediately, invest in an old airstream trailer, park it at the base of the mountains, and spend my days making large, colorful quilts and soaps.  There were so many creative, talented people there and so much amazing handmade stuff! I bought the cutest pair of earrings and a pennant to hang in my room. There's another one coming up in December--If you live in Boulder, you should definitely take some time to check it out! 

After my boyfriend, Ben, and I got back from the craft fair(he was so nice to let me drag him around from booth to booth for 3 hours even though craft fairs are so not his thing), we were starving, but after gorging ourselves on scones the whole weekend, something light and possibly even healthy was in order. Using whatever we could find around the house, we made a super simple but super delicious pear-walnut salad(pictured above) and relaxed in front of a movie before another hectic week began.

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